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The Airsoft Center Rules (JUNE 2015)

- Violation any of any these rules will, at the ref's discretion, result in either a penalty 
or disqualification and removal from the field with no refund. 

- For your safety please treat your replica firearm as if it were real and loaded at all times, 
including transport to and from the facility. 


Red Room Rules:
1. The Red Room is the staging area between the lobby and the field.

2. No magazines in weapons in the Red Room.

3. Replicas must be safe and clear when leaving the field. This means you must remove your 
magazine and fire a couple of shots into a clearing barrel to ensure that the weapon is 
unloaded. Then place the weapon on safe.

4. No horseplay in the Red Room.

Gun Rules:
5. No uncovered Airsoft replicas outside of the facility. 
*All airsoft guns must be concealed in a gun case, bag or original box until inside TAC.

6. No outside bb's allowed, field ammo only. (does not apply to private events or factory 
sealed bags of .20 non-bio ammo)

7. Weapons may NOT be loaded any where but the field. No exceptions.

8. Magazines may be loaded with BBs in the Red Room but magazine must be out of the gun.

9. Do not re-use bbs. This includes bbs that have fallen on the ground OR in the table.

FPS Rules:

                    * ALL FPS MEASURED WITH .20g BBS AND HOP-UP OFF *


                           MAXIMUM MUZZLE VELOCITY IS 330FPS



Engagement Rules:

12. No Blind Firing. This is any time you are shooting without being able to look down 
your weapon and CLEARLY see your target and what is in front of your gun. 

13. Do NOT shoot above 6 feet from the ground.

14. Do NOT shoot full auto closer than 10 feet from an opponent.

15. Do NOT play dead or misrepresent your status at any time.

16. Do NOT use players or refs as cover.

17. Do NOT intentionally use ricochets to hit opponents. 

18. Do NOT shoot players with hands/weapon in the air.

19. Do NOT fire at anything other than opponents. This includes: lights, cameras, 
speakers, refs, outlets, walls, doors and your teammates. Test guns only in a safe 

20. If you break anything on the field you will be required to pay the cost of 

21. Avoid headshots. Aim center mass whenever possible.

22. All hits count. This includes hits to the gear, weapon and ricochets. Ricochets 

23. When hit, call out hit loudly. Raise your weapon and arms in the air and yell out 
"deadman" when moving. If your opponent does not clearly know you are hit you will 
continue to get shot. When you are dead you can not communicate with any other players 
except to tell them you are hit. 

24. Re-spawn rules will be explained before each game.

25. Do not call other peoples hits. If you notice others not calling their hits or 
breaking the rules please just inform a ref or other staff member.

Field Rules:

26. Field ref's decisions are FINAL. Arguing with an ref is grounds for immediate 
dismissal with no refund.

27. No food or drink or breakable items on the field (Ok in RedRoom).

28. Full seal eye protection must be worn at all times on the field. No exceptions.

29. All Props must be approved by the ACTIVE FIELD REF prior to use. This includes grenades, 
rubber knives, and other player carried props.

30. Do NOT intentionally shoot mesh/screen.

31. Do NOT climb anything in the facility. This includes: chairs, walls, ladders, cars, or 
other props.

32. Do NOT throw anything on the field. (underhand tossing of grenades is allowed) 

33. Do NOT move anything on the field, this includes couches, cover, buildings and other props.

34. Switching headbands mid game is prohibited. (unless part of current game) 

35. Face protection is required when gameplay is in progress.

36. Any form of physical altercation (i.e. fighting) will not be tolerated. Any player involved 
in a fight will be ejected and banned from the facility immediately. 

37. No un-sportsmanlike conduct, including yelling, arguing with players on the field, obscene 
behavior, cursing, or disrupting play.

38. 3 Penalties in a day disqualifies you from play for that day. 


39.  TAC Members may bring their own bbs as long as they are .20 non-bio.  Violation of the weight 
regulations will result in a loss of privilege.

40.  TAC Members may bring guests with a special discount of 25% discount.

41.  TAC Members get free locker rentals.

42.  TAC Members get Priority check-in.

43.  TAC Members will be given 10 bbs by Potter if he's here.

Items not allowed:


BBs over .20 GRAM WEIGHT


Green Lasers

Real Weapons 

Orange, Red or Yellow Flag Tape

ANY Variable Velocity Device (PolarStar WITHOUT  tournament lock, SAT VVD,etc.)